Day two: they go to war

Translation: Teresa Galarza (Versión en español aquí) Shortcuts. On the shoulders of a country at war They are 1,500 men, between the ages of 18 and 30, who graduate after their 45-day training. Many have a moustache, others are not old enough to grow one. They are Arabs and Kurds about to be sent to fight against the Islamic State […]

Day one: we are in

Translation: Teresa Galarza (Versión en español aquí) Shortcuts. On the shoulders of a country at war On the world’s shoulders, the shortest distance between two points is rarely a straight line. Often, roads are blocked by checkpoints, mud walls or concrete blocks that require a diversion. It might also be that the road ends abruptly in the crater of a […]

Kim Stanley Robinson: “Science needs to think of itself more as a humanism and as an utopian politics”

Photo: Jorge Quiñoa (Versión en español) We meet with Kim Stanley Robinson (Waukegan, 1952) in Barcelona, during the annual literary convention Kosmopolis. Robinson is a respected and popular hard science fiction writer, especially known for his trilogy dealing with martian colonization and terraformation (Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars). After Mars, he imagined humanity expanding through the whole Solar System […]

Lila Azam Zanganeh: “A writer is always rewriting another writer”

Photo: Alberto Gamazo (Versión en español) Desire, transgression, light. Nabokov. To keep a conversation with Lila Azam Zanganeh (Paris, 1976) causes genuine intellectual vertigo. This writer, born in Paris from Iranian parents, lives and works in New York and combines the creation of her literary works –The Enchanter was the first one, an unclassifiable literary artifact about her relationship with […]

Brandon Sanderson: «I want to show in my writing that there is something inherently good inside human beings»

Photography: Jorge Quiñoa (Versión en castellano aquí) Before starting the interview, the writer Brandon Sanderson (Nebraska, 1975) has lunch with his collaborators of Team Sanderson Spain and chats about Gaudí, chocolate with churros and the fact that Spain is the country with most fans in continental Europe. His epic fantasy novels include battles, death and some apocalypse or other, but on […]

Kaspar Korjus: «Estonia has the most startups per capita and this startup culture has led to fail and fail and try again»

Photography: Ángel L. Fernández Recuero (Versión en castellano aquí) When Kaspar Korjus was born (Tartu,1987), he was assigned the number 38712012796 before he was named, as happens with everyone else in Estonia. It is his digital identification. In this small Baltic country, that number is used for nearly every administrative transaction: medical receipts, taxes, business management and, of course, electronic […]

Addiction to gambling in the 21st century: Trading

(Versión en castellano) Automatic Trading Systems in sports betting and stock exchange operations Among fans of American roulette, there are two types of players: those who bet with their hearts on the first number that crosses their minds, and those who, in order to win, study and practice gaming systems, sketching out complicated strategies and searching for the perfect algorithms. Among […]

Luc Steels: “Science is a cultural activity, it’s like arts: it gives us insights into the world”

La versión traducida al castellano de esta entrevista está disponible en nuestra revista impresa dedicada al pecado #JD13 Defining Luc Steels (Belsele, 1952) simply as a scientist, would be way to poor when we are describing a huge-experienced Belgian linguist who likes art —he wrote an opera and a theater play, besides doing some performances in his youth—, and went to the US […]

The art of the blowjob

Those who start reading this article looking for some magical and infallible trick to please the sexual desires of their lover will be disappointed with what I am going to tell them. There is no magic button, no position or a movement of the tongue in three simple steps that will guarantee an orgasm of stellar dimensions. In real life, […]

Charles Taylor: «The Muslims sense raises of rejection, and that’s exactly what the ISIS recruiters want to see happening»

(Versión en castellano aquí) It would be an understatement to introduce Charles Taylor (Montreal, 1931) just as a philosopher. And that’s because this Canadian thinker has moved like a fish swimming in a stream between History, Philosophy, Politics and even Psychology, and in all these fields has made relevant contributions. Taylor declares himself a supporter of Quebec’s own identity within […]

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