George Pelecanos: «Sometimes violence is necessary, it’s cathartic»

(Versión en español) George Pelecanos is a Greek American author born in 1957. He has written dozens of detective novels, all of them full of redemption, masculinity in the best sense of the term, and codes of honor. They also include basketball and funk, cool cars and lots of morality. Pelecanos is, as almost everybody knows, a TV and cinema […]

Mauritania, the unnecesary poverty

(Spanish version) Report made with the support of Oxfam Intermón We travel many kilometres across a landscape that could not be more attractive. This is the African Savannah we all have seen in the movies as kids. There is no path to follow; only Orzoway is missing to calm European’s thirst for fantastic adventures. Nalla Gaye laughs and makes us […]

Francis Halzen: “I always advise to my students ‘don’t read too many books, do things!'”

(Versión en español) Francis Halzen looks at you straight in the eye. Arms folded across his chest, an almost ironic smile dangling in his lips, he stands relaxed and self confident, cordial and dignified. But there is something else about this respected theorist, turned spokesperson of the hottest experiment of the year, ICE CUBE, the gigantic neutrino telescope in Antarctica. […]

Ethiopia, water irrigating health and education too

(Spanish version) Report made with the support of Oxfam Intermón Sinta, the taxi driver who shows me Addis Ababa from end to end, gestures dismissively when I ask him about the past. “Now we’re fine!”, says with conviction. We meet very early in the morning in order to climb the Entoto Park, from which you can see the whole city. […]

Nicaragua, the ruined utopia

(Versión en español) There are twenty of them, mostly girls. There are some boys in the group, but they are fewer in number and younger. All of them are painting on some big cardboards while their instructor, a young lad, cuts small pieces of tape he will use to stick children’s paintings on the school walls. When we ask why […]

Swimming among tigers

(Versión en español) Report made with the support of Oxfam Intermón The paramilitary forces invaded the village of Condoto, tortured, raped, murdered and established their laws. For example: women were forced to wash their clothes, prepare their food, stay at home after sunset, they couldn’t wear short skirts nor short hair. María Eugenia Urrutia, an 18 years-old black girl, couldn’t take […]

You’d better go sell candies at traffic lights

(Versión en castellano) Report made with the support of Intermón Oxfam Five centuries after the Conquest, a new colonization attacks the natural resources and destroys local populations. There are no caravels, or armours, or men on horseback, or faith conversions, but tractors, pesticides, tax havens, financial markets, and investors who, as Leopold II or the Catholic Monarchs, ignored the beliefs, […]

Syria? There is no more Syria

(Versión en español) Report made with the support of Intermón Oxfam Refugees: how a war destroys a life The blades on the fan Seif had at his side are stationary. It gives the sensation that they are paralyzed by the immense heat. In an overwhelm paradox feels like its stillness is increasing the stifling sensation. The more you look at […]

David Remnick : “Let’s not to be romantic about the uniformed brilliant quality of all journalism in the pre-internet age. There was a lot of crap”

(Versión en español) The New Yorker is a temple of good journalism that manages to endure in the middle the economic and talent crisis that ravages the sector. The New Yorker, even in tough economic times, is a profitable magazine, and Remnick’s strategy is to thrive in the internet age by investing both in the new means of distribution —the […]

Someone paid 34 million euros for an abstract painting! And other contemporary art probably made by a seven year old kid

(Versión en castellano) What do you think about the painting above? Some artsy-fartsy bullshit, don’t you? Then prepare to be outraged upon knowing that someone just paid 34 million euros ($ 45.07 million) for it. Mind you, New York Sotheby’s advertised it as “a portal to the sublime.” They had to be kidding, right? But if it’s just a dark […]

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