Liquid gold hunting

(Versión en castellano) “They halted, then, and called out to each other. As Nausicaa, daughter of valiant Alcinous, commanded, they found Odysseus a sheltered spot. They set out a tunic and cloak for him to wear, and smooth olive oil in a golden flask, and invited him to bathe in the running stream”. The Odyssey. Book 6. Part I Early […]

Guatemala, the confiscated transition

(Versión en español) Report made with the support of Intermón Oxfam In the community of Aguascalientes, in the Polochic Valley, an idyllic place northeast of the capital of Guatemala, roosters wander aimlessly and crow at the wrong time with harsh voices. They must feel the sadness of the people, campesinos (peasant farmers) forced off their lands in March 2011 by […]

Knuckleball: to hit a butterfly

(Spanish version) On December 17, 2012, Robert Allen (R.A.) Dickey, starting pitcher for the New York Mets was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays. With the transfer was signed a contract extension for 2 years and $ 24 million to add to the 5 million that was already by the Mets, plus an extension option for one further year and […]

Juan José Gómez Cadenas: Landscape with neutrinos

(Spanish version) Some time ago, being a post-doc in California, I used to take long trips across the USA in my red-arrest-me, not-so­easy-rider Kawasaki Ninja. I went south to Baja and east to the Rockies, north to Washington and all the way up to Montana and then to Utah. I saw a lot of scenery. And I met a lot […]

Requiem for the Arts of Fire

(Versión en castellano) Venice hosts the thirteenth Architecture Biennale, under the title Common Ground as set by its curator David Chipperfield. Common Ground will remain open until November 25th. In the little island of San Giorgio Maggiore, away from the spotlights of the Giardini and the Arsenale, themselves epicentres of the architectural works exhibited in the Biennale; the glass works […]

David Nygren y Alessandro Bettini, Physics as the fountain of eternal youth

Versión en castellano Not every day one has the chance to have a conversation with such reputed physicists as Alessandro Bettini and David Nygren. The equivalent, if we were dealing with musicians, would be to interview Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, or perhaps Jagger and McCartney. These two old rockers -both aged close to three quarters of a century, although […]

Derrick de Kerckhove (English version): “The problem is either you control language or it controls you”

[Spanish version] Although being almost 70 years old, Derrick de Kerckhove has a vitality and an energy that many people under 40 would want for themselves. Derrick, who used to work closely with Marshall McLuhan, is now a Professor of the French Language department at the University of Toronto and of the Sociology department at the Federico II University in […]

An interview to Rae Armantrout

Versión en castellano Rae Armantrout is one of the most relevant poetic voices in the U.S. nowadays. Born in Vallejo, California, in 1947 in a working-class environment, she graduated in creative writing at the University of Berkeley in 1978. There she became involved in the “Language Poets” movement, under whose influence she started her career as a poet. She has […]

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