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Jornada Futuro Imperfecto 2: Migraciones y globalización

Jornada Futuro Imperfecto 2: Migraciones y globalización

El próximo 6 de marzo tendrá lugar en #Rambleta un nuevo capítulo de esta expedición, estructurado en dos partes: una entrevista de Jot Down en vivo y una mesa redonda. Primero nos detendremos a estudiar las migraciones humanas en una entrevista al periodista Xavier Aldekoa, un profundo conocedor de África, que será entrevistado por Karlos Zurutuza, reportero en Oriente Medio. […]

SSG Craumer (in the right of the photo) and another unidentified casualty, injured soldier,  with SSG Maher and PFC Rae assisting. They are surrounded by red smoke used to help orient medical evacuation helicopters.
IED´s Ambush in Arghandab Valley

Tynes Base in the Arghandab Valley in Afghanistan, from 2/508 Airborne Infantry. This is the 2nd Platoon Company, Charlie Company. 2/508 PIR. 4BCT Brigade Combat Team. 82nd Airborne Division, were injured after two IED´s exploded, with a piece of artillery, which did not explode in Afghanistan’s Arghanab Valley

The days before this, were very hard for the 2nd Platoon, because had battles with the Taliban, almost all the days that had patrol. That day, the mission was partnered with two Afghan Police.The patrol leaves at half past five. After walking two miles are part of a broken mobile phone, with a thread, next to a house. The platoon is divided to ensure and record the perimeter. Is separated into two groups. I decide to go with the Hispanic sergeant to search the house. Inside, one of the two Afghan soldiers throw a stone on a mound of sand in case there is a IED. The sergeant tells him not to do that, because we are too close and we reach the IED. No one in the house. We went out and, at that time, there is a huge explosion. The sky darkens. Everything turns brown, mixed with a slight daze. Moments of confusion. At first I think of a Taliban attack. The soldiers took up positions behind a wall is not too high at one end of the house. When the smoke clears, I realize that it was a bomb. I see a soldier covered in blood, semiconscious. Another has lost some of the legs and has the skin of the back and waist torn, she writes with a pen in his blood group head. There are two more, and the translator, with no visible wounds but showing signs of concussion. And I see a dead soldier. For the direct impact of the mine. A sergeant and a specialist medical knowledge dealing with the most seriously injured. The rest rema

El oficio más jodido del mundo

El 11S fue una bendición para el periodismo internacional. El mundo se agitó y había mucho que contar. El terror alcanzó incluso a España en marzo de 2004. La combinación era casi perfecta para la información internacional: fenómeno global que afecta al país y los medios vivían sus años más boyantes antes de las crisis de internet y económica. España […]