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Kim Stanley Robinson: “Science needs to think of itself more as a humanism and as an utopian politics”

Photo: Jorge Quiñoa (Versión en español) We meet with Kim Stanley Robinson (Waukegan, 1952) in Barcelona, during the annual literary convention Kosmopolis. Robinson is a respected and popular hard science fiction writer, especially known for his trilogy dealing with martian colonization and terraformation (Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars). After Mars, he imagined humanity expanding through the whole Solar System […]

Kaspar Korjus: «Estonia has the most startups per capita and this startup culture has led to fail and fail and try again»

Photography: Ángel L. Fernández Recuero (Versión en castellano aquí) When Kaspar Korjus was born (Tartu,1987), he was assigned the number 38712012796 before he was named, as happens with everyone else in Estonia. It is his digital identification. In this small Baltic country, that number is used for nearly every administrative transaction: medical receipts, taxes, business management and, of course, electronic […]

George Pelecanos: «Sometimes violence is necessary, it’s cathartic»

(Versión en español) George Pelecanos is a Greek American author born in 1957. He has written dozens of detective novels, all of them full of redemption, masculinity in the best sense of the term, and codes of honor. They also include basketball and funk, cool cars and lots of morality. Pelecanos is, as almost everybody knows, a TV and cinema […]

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