Omar Pene para jot Down
Entrevistas, English

Omar Pene: “Through rhythms we tried to create a music that sounded like us, that took into account rootedness and openness”

French/English Interpreter: Brian Valente-Quinn. Wolof/French Translator: Babacar Thiaw Versión en español aquí Version française ici Tekki bi ci làkkub Wolof Omar Pene, co-founder and lead singer of the Dakar-based supergroup Super Dianomo, has been composing and playing for 50 years, releasing albums both with Dianomo and as a solo artist. […]

Philippe Sands
English, Entrevistas

Philippe Sands: “Don’t impose your emotions or your conclusions on the reader”

(Versión en español aquí) Philippe Sands (London, 1960) is a writer, university professor and international lawyer. He has been involved in cases concerning the war in Yugoslavia, the Rwandan genocide, the abuses in Iraq and Guantanamo, the indictment of Pinochet, the killing of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, the persecution […]

Richard Morgan
English, Entrevistas

Richard Morgan: «My worry about tech is that it seems to be in the hands of a small group of weird people who are often very much disconnected from what I would think of as normal human experience»

(Versión en español aquí) People say that succeeding with the publication of a first work can become the worst burden for a writer. Whether this is true or the justification of the most envious, Richard Morgan (London, 1965) does not seem to have fallen into this trap. After the appearance […]


Faraday’s dogma

(Versión en castellano aquí) When asked the secret of doing science, the great chemist Michael Faraday, replied in the early 1800s: Work, finish, publish- no-nonsense common sense from a humble autodidact, who rose from working class ob- scurity to being offered (and refusing) the Presidency of the Royal Society in […]

Foto 15 Verbena Lorena Last picture

Afghanistan still exists

(Versión en castellano aquí) In memory of Lorena Enebral Pérez «The really important kind of freedom involves attention, and awareness, and discipline, and effort, and being able truly to care about other people and to sacrifice for them, over and over, in myriad petty little unsexy ways every day.» David […]


Day seven: Starry Night

Translation: Teresa Galarza (Versión en español aquí) Shortcuts. On the shoulders of a country at war Like in the rearguard, in the front of Raqqa it is usual to sleep on the roofs of houses. You should take some basic precautions such as not smoking, lighting a flashlight or using […]