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David Remnick : “Let’s not to be romantic about the uniformed brilliant quality of all journalism in the pre-internet age. There was a lot of crap”

(Versión en español) The New Yorker is a temple of good journalism that manages to endure in the middle the economic and talent crisis that ravages the sector. The New Yorker, even in tough economic times, is a profitable magazine, and Remnick’s strategy is to thrive in the internet age […]


Someone paid 34 million euros for an abstract painting! And other contemporary art probably made by a seven year old kid

(Versión en castellano) What do you think about the painting above? Some artsy-fartsy bullshit, don’t you? Then prepare to be outraged upon knowing that someone just paid 34 million euros ($ 45.07 million) for it. Mind you, New York Sotheby’s advertised it as “a portal to the sublime.” They had […]

Virgen extra tempranero recién extraído de un depósito en la cooperativa Ntro. Padre Jesús del Llano Fotografía de Pablo Mediavilla Costa p

Liquid gold hunting

(Versión en castellano) “They halted, then, and called out to each other. As Nausicaa, daughter of valiant Alcinous, commanded, they found Odysseus a sheltered spot. They set out a tunic and cloak for him to wear, and smooth olive oil in a golden flask, and invited him to bathe in […]